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On March 22, 2014, Plaintiff, Ms. Kaffer was operating a bicycle on the side road of Lake Vista Drive at 2:30 in the afternoon. As she was proceeding downhill, a vehicle parked on the side of the road commenced a U Turn and collided with the plaintiff. At the time of this incident, Ms. Kaffer was 52 years old. The adverse vehicle driver had a minimal policy of $15,000.00.


In 2018 the Firm obtained a judgment of $500.000 for the wrongful death of a 36 ??? adult child.


Robert Gianelli of Gianelli & Morris and Rene J. Kern, Jr. of The Kern Law Group obtained a $7,225,000 jury verdict on behalf of plaintiff Terry LaRue, against Accountable Health Care, IPA (“Accountable”) for failure to provide LaRue with timely and necessary medical services, resulting in a permanent and disabling injury to his hand.

On a case involving 64 homeowners who suffered the loss of their homes due to a wildfire, Mr. Kern as co-lead counsel obtained an 8 figure settlement on his clients behalf.

Most recently Mr. Kern won a substantial verdict in a personal injury case representing a young man against the DWP for their creation of a dangerous condition. The DWP allowed a leak to persist over a main thoroughfare and ignored the weather forecast of a cold freeze for the area. Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident where he sustained a herniated disc. Facing a $30,000 offer from the defendants, the case proceeded to trial. At the time of trial, the client had not undergone a surgical repair. Upon hearing the evidence, the jury returned a verdict for $1.3 million dollars on behalf of the client.

Mr. Kern was one of the co-lead trial counsel on behalf of an individual who was seriously injured in an auto accident resulting in paralysis. A substantial seven figure settlement was obtained on the client’s behalf.

The Firm

The Kern Law Group PC has an unwavering passion to obtain for their clients fairness and justice. They will work tirelessly for you and what is right, when you have suffered because of corporate indifference, an individual’s recklessness or negligence. The Kern Law Group PC will step up for you to insure you receive fair and just compensation.

René J. Kern, Jr.
René J. Kern, Jr. is a trial lawyer with extensive and excellent trial experience, having tried in excess of 100-jury trials in California and other states. His ability to talk to your jury so they understand on their terms what happened to you, how your life is different then it was and what the jury can do to help you has been honed over 30 years.
Mr. Kern is a Diplomate in the American Board of Trial Attorneys since 1994. He shares with this august group of trial lawyers the unwavering belief in the civil jury trial “justice by the people”. Mr. Kern and the The Kern Law Group PC find their motivation in Thomas Jefferson’s belief that a right to a jury trial by one’s fellow citizens is one of this country’s most important safeguards to liberty.
In 2014 Mr. Kern was inducted into the University of Northern Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame.
Gaetano J. Verrastro
Gaetano J. Verrastro is a lawyer with over 30 years experience handling severe and catastrophic injury cases. He has specialized in a wide spectrum of cases involving machinery, premises abductions and a wide variety of accident cases. Mr. Verrastro has worked closely and successfully with Mr. Kern in preparing complicated cases for trial and is considered a leading researcher.


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